Body Shame

Always there to bully,
Always there to tease;
When I start crying,
Why do you cease?

Yes, you’ve caused this pain,
And these tears are the virtue of words;
But when I look for help,
You pretend like the only one who’s hurt.

Too fat, too hairy, too short for your liking,
Can’t be friends, because our bodies aren’t rhyming;
Broken is my heart and riddled is my soul,
My self-esteem now has a void like hole.

So I turn away,
I turn to hide my pain.
But even before my back is turned,
You again start the body shame.

And then I see my parents,
And so I fake a smile;
I can’t tell them your deeds,
Reasoning will take a while.

And then I see the kids,
And I want to tell them what’s coming;
Before any other person,
Your body needs your own loving.

You are perfect the way that you are,
Embrace your flaws and imperfections;
You are who you are with your deepest scar;
You are your heart’s reflection.

People will talk, because that’s all they know,
But you don’t have to take it to your heart;
I know you feel pain that you don’t show,
But emotionally, we’re not far apart.

Talk to people, they care for you,
The world isn’t as bad as we make it seem;
The world has some fake ones, some true,
With positive people, you make your own team!

About the Author
Medhya Raghav

Medhya Raghav

She is an advocate of body positivity and equal opportunities for men and women. A high school student, her passions include reading, writing, travelling and photography. As the President of Community Service and Student Welfare of her school, she works to provide free education to more than 1500 students from underprivileged class. She has also headed Jal Sansad- a water conservation body- as its Prime Minister, devising ways to conserve water in and around her hometown,Gurgaon. As a leukaemia survivor, she also works with cancer patients. She aspires to be able to increase employment opportunities for women.