Data, Lives, and Sexuality Education in India

“Kya mein apka chashma try kar sakta hu”? (Can I try your spectacles?)
A 13 years old said this to me while I was collecting sketch pens after finishing my workshop on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) in his school situated on the mountaintop of Nainidanda district. With my round framed spectacles he could have been easily passed off as a young scientist.


We are trained to look and dress a certain way,
Fearing what others might say.
The cage of expectation,
Becomes our thought’s foundation.

Body Positivity and Loving Yourself

A bullied teenager knows what peer pressure means, and a traumatized child knows what taunts mean. But, a person lacking body positivity knows what not having self-esteem means.It is very easy for us to be sitting behind screens, advocating body positivity.